3rd December 2020

Upgraded Golf Swing Plane Training Aid Golf Swing Guide Training Aid Golf trainer Golf Swing Trainer/Guide/Tool – Swing training Posture/Wrist Hinge/Swing Plane/Swing Alignment Corrector

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1 :Remove the wing nut and bolt from your Swing trainer, then slip the clamp over the bottom of the shaft and slide it onto the base of the grip. making sure the grove on the swing guide is inline with face of the club. 2: Before you fasten the clamp, take your left-hand grip (right handed player) and form a 90° angle between your left arm and the club. this is to check if the guide is to low or too high 3: Slide the Swing trainer up the grip so the cradle meets the side of your left forearm. Align the guide directly on top of the grip ensuring it is square with the club face 4: Now the swing trainer is in the correct position, put the bolt and wingnut back on and fasten FEATURES THE SWING GUIDE: Is a great tool to help you memorize your golf swing THE TRAINING AID: Is the perfect way to warm up before your round on the course and a great way to practice when on the driving range UNIVERSAL FIT: Will fit all golf clubs (Please see instructions for fitting) drills:1. if you feel you have too much wrist set you can adjust the guide closer to your hands. this will give you the feeling of less wrist set. 2. try to keep the guide on your forearm as Long as possible into the downswing to stop early release. PACKAGE CONTENTS;1 X Glift golf swing trainer with packaging please see images at the top of the screen and visit this link for instructions https://youtu.be/uxA8hVFeozcGesture guide for golf beginner; Works for both right and left-handed golfers well as female golfers and junior golfers
Golf swing aid for creating increased distance, enhanced accuracy and lower scores on the golf course;
Attaches easily and securely to the shaft of your club
Improves your swing plane, clubface alignment, and follow through
Built-in rest encourages your wrist to cock properly