Teeing Off Under the June Moon

In the heart of summer, when day turns to dusk,
Beneath the twilight’s hush, in the game of golf, we trust.
With a moonbeam’s glow casting long, soft shadows,
On verdant fairways, the serene night bestows.

Teeing off under the June moon’s light,
The silver orb hangs in the sky, oh so bright.
Guiding golf balls through the silent night,
Their journey guided by lunar light.

The fragrance of the night-blooming jasmine fills the air,
The whispering wind rustles leaves with care.
A symphony of crickets serenades the night,
While we golf under the moon’s gentle light.

The gleam of the sand in the bunker’s pit,
In the quiet of night, a golfer’s wit.
The moonlit green, like a stage set,
Every putt, a goal met.

Beneath the stars, the golf balls glide,
In this nocturnal journey, they confide.
With every stroke, they carve their path,
Under the watchful moon, no golfer’s wrath.

As the dew settles on the fairway wide,
Under the June moon, anxieties hide.
In the silver light, peace is found,
In the silence, comfort is unbound.

Teeing off under the June moon so bright,
In the realm of dreams, we take flight.
In the heart of summer, under the night’s serene hue,
In the game of golf, our passions we pursue.

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