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Building a Solid Short Game: Chipping and Pitching Tips

As golfers, we know that the short game is where we can save strokes and lower our scores. Chipping and pitching are two crucial aspects of the short game that require practice and precision. In this article, we will discuss some tips for building a solid short game to help you become a more efficient golfer on the green.

Chipping Tips:

1) Use a neutral grip – A neutral grip, where your hands are placed evenly on the club, will help you to be more consistent in your chipping.

2) Position the ball correctly – When setting up for a chip shot, you want to position the ball towards the back foot, ensuring that most of your weight is on your front foot.

3) Keep your hands ahead of the clubhead – To avoid hitting the ball too high and losing distance, it’s important to keep your hands ahead of the clubhead during the shot.

4) Practice with different clubs – Experimenting with different clubs during chipping practice will give you a better idea of which club is best for each shot, depending on the distance and terrain.

Pitching Tips:

1) Use a similar setup as your full swing – Adopting a similar posture to your full swing will help you feel more comfortable and consistent with your pitch shots.

2) Find your ideal ball position – Experiment with different ball positions to find the ideal position for your pitching shots. Generally, a slight forward ball position works well for most golfers.

3) Focus on proper weight distribution – As with chipping, proper weight distribution is crucial for solid pitching shots. Ensure that your weight is on your front foot and that your hands are ahead of the clubhead.

4) Practice with different lofted clubs – Unlike chipping, pitching often requires the use of a lofted club. Practicing with different lofted clubs will help you develop a feel for each club’s trajectory and distance.


Building a solid short game, including chipping and pitching, takes time and practice. By using the tips outlined above and incorporating them into your regular practice routine, you can improve your short game and save valuable strokes on the course. Remember to stay patient and disciplined during practice and trust the process. With dedication and effort, you can become a more confident and efficient golfer around the green.

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